Wim Hof (mindfulness expert, extreme athlete): “BREATH MOTHERF*%#ER”

 Let’s all start this blog by taking a big......deep.... breath. Ready.... and breathe in.........Hold for a few seconds....... then, like a cool mountain breeze rolling down a valley. Slowly release. Keep that going.

I want us all to picture a scene. Imagine a cabin, it’s dark and mysterious figure looms, barely recognisable in a misty twilight. A warm glow from the window and the unmistakable faint smell of a slow burning log fire contrasted by a heavy mist. Imagine being rugged up by that wood stove, flames flickering without rhythm. Looking out that window you can see a winding valley floor under the shadow of a mountain’s gloomy peak. The cabin sits in a grassy meadow all still but for the slow grazing of kangaroos and the vivid red feathers of rosellas feeding on the seeds of flowering ground fodder.



If you are anything like me, you will picture this scene in your mind and feel instantly drawn to a sense of relaxation and a feeling of adventure and wonderment. This is exactly what Wild and Seek is aiming to achieve with an off-grid cabin escape. It’s about creating lasting and impactful experiences through an emotional and immersive experience of wonderment. It’s escapism for the soul.

There are plenty of country holidays where you can visit the wilderness as far as the eye can see from the loop track, Returning you to the car park before dark and the hotel for tea.

We bring the luxury cabin into the wilderness so that the adventure and relaxation doesn’t stop when the sun dips below the mountains peak. In fact, that’s often where it begins. This is what makes Wild and Seek’s eco cabin one of the best holidays in NSW.

 A few years ago, I moved back to Australia after four years living abroad in Sweden. The plan was to build my parents’ house on their farm, but aside from that I was unsure what I wanted to do with my life.

Almost instantly, I found myself with space to think, time to relax and felt drawn to breathe deeply, slowly and purposefully. We know that this alone is enough to drastically improve our well-being. Removed from the city and all the things I once saw as necessity, I found myself thinking more about the basic requirements of life. I started thinking more consciously about food and where it comes from. Seeing animals growing up in a paddock knowing one day they will end up as food on a plate meant appreciating their existence, much, much more. Watching vegetables growing in the garden somehow made them taste better at harvest time, imperfections and all.

 Building a house day in day out made for a simple goal and many of the normal daily distractions faded away and lost importance.

 After a solid year and a half, the project was complete. It was time to move back to the big smoke. No matter where I was, if I pictured that mountain top, watching the morning’s mist lay thick and heavy in the valley like an inland sea from a warm bed under a roof that I built, I felt instantly at peace. Just knowing that place existed made everyday stresses that much easier.



The feeling was an anchor, tying me to reality whenever the stresses of city life seemed insurmountable. I felt compelled to share this with anyone that would listen. Friends and family still have to listen and are sick of me rambling on about the countryside and all the things I love about it.

It’s this sense of purpose that made me jump at the chance to work with my friend and co-founder Jamie when he offered me a chance to part of a vision. A chance for others to experience this sense of mindful escapism seemed the perfect way to combat a world of increasing stresses of responsibilities and excesses.

Throughout Covid we have seen a huge increase in depression rates, we are all becoming more and more aware of how impactful social media is to our society, the list goes on. The need for true wilderness retreat experiences has never been higher.

 So, get out and enjoy a stay in our little tiny cabin. But until then just breath motherfucker.