We are all about the personal touch so here’s a bit of a background story of the team and how we started Wild and Seek.

Jamie and his wife, Bec are founders of Wild and Seek. Their different professional backgrounds bring a perfect balance. Jamie’s love for sustainable architecture and off-grid rural living coupled with a passion for purpose-filled, affordable ecotourism and Bec’s love for good, local food and wine sparked the beginning of Wild and Seek’s journey.

Wild and Seek have a mission to provide a luxury wilderness getaways to hard-working, city-living experience seekers who crave all their usual creature comforts but long for a setting that allows them to pause and enjoy the peace and calm. The Wild and Seek have worked tirelessly through the design process to ensure every aspect of the cabin is environmentally friendly and self-sufficient, minimising its footprint on the land and allowing guests to experience what it means to be off grid with a sumptuousness twist.

The partnership with Wild and Seek allows NSW landowners to show off a piece of their very own private gem. Some have had a rough ride, so we are so excited and passionate Wild and Seek gets to work with landowners and local rural communities to support domestic tourism.

Fast-paced city living can be an exhilarating wave to ride, but it also comes with its challenges. The world is changing so rapidly, it is sometimes difficult to take stock and reflect on who we are, where we have come from and where we are heading. Wild and Seek gives you the opportunity to rest and reset by simply being off the beaten track and immersing yourself in a luxury wilderness break.