The New Age of Off-Grid Living

Carbon footprint. It's very unlikely that these words are unfamiliar to you. These days, we are all so viscerally aware of our own carbon footprint. Our natural world is literally disintegrating in front of our eyes, posing the very real danger that it all might be too late to turn things around. Australia, ashamedly so, is one of the worst producers of greenhouse gases on the planet thanks to our huge mining industry. Yet as a nation, we are more capable of fixing this than so many other countries. With year round sunshine and a temperate climate, we have the potential to be world leaders in reversing climate change. While we have been left behind by many countries, change is afoot. More and more people are slowly trending towards greener living with the type of energy we use, the food we eat and the water we drink.  

When we hear the words ''off-grid'' we envisage long winters trapped by inaccessible wilderness, long beards and long periods between showers. A life bound to the task of simply staying alive. While this lifestyle does conjure day dreams of wilderness escapism, this form of off grid living is no longer the only option.  

Living off-grid no longer means shedding modern day creature comforts. It no longer means disconnecting entirely from the societal dogma of using fossil fuelled power and human waste systems. In the same way that we are learning that farming can be regenerative for the natural world rather than just methane producing, nature destroying food factories, we are learning that we can easily live not only without fossil fuel power, but our household byproducts can be used to enhance our environment instead of destroying it.  

So what can we do to be part of the climate solution? The answer is plenty. But like most true and meaningful change the process is not easy. Living this way does come at a cost. An environmentally concious home does require more active engagement from its owner. But these norms shouldn't be hard for us to break as they have barely been in place for the past 80 years. Most of still have grandparents alive who can remember living in a very different way. How many of us have sat through a lecture from grandma telling us how they used to grow everything themselves, poop out the back in an outhouse and use 'only what was available'.  

What better time than now to start making these societal changes when we have spent so much time at home and when working from home may become more normal than ever before. It took a lot of us a pandemic and a nation wide shut down for a lot of us to reconnect with what was important. With more time at home, we took to composting waste, building kitchen gardens and sitting around dining tables with our families for the first time for many in a long time enjoying meals cooked with the family garden's bounty. There certainly is no greater meal, than the one that you have produced yourself, for others. 

Let there be light 

While solar power systems and batteries still aren't cheap in Australia, the prices are becoming ever more affordable. As it stands, you probably won't make back the cost of your energy bills on the amount you spend to buy an off grid solar system. In reality you'll probably pay a little more. However, it wont be into the wallets of the profit monsters that are giant power companies. Flicking a light on knowing that electricity came from the sun and knowing every time you do, you are placing a vote for climate change is a pretty powerful relaxant to sleep well at night. Markets are driven by consumer bases and the more of us that opt for solar over fossil fuels, the more competition there will be in the market. Most of us would like to be able say that we were on the tip of the climate change sword. 


Saving the planet one poop at a time.  

At Wild and Seek, we use composting 'Green loo's'. These toilets work very simply. Once a container is full of human waste, it is closed up and left to decompose into usable compost for 60 days. Throughout the filling process enzymes and a soil-like product called 'peat' is used to help the composting process. We know this may sound like a crazy concept but modern composting toilet systems are virtually odour free, and take 6 months worth of waste for a full household before needing to be changed out. Ten minutes of work twice a year doesn't seem like much when it means saving the planet. Talk about the circle of life! 

Building better cabins

Wild and Seek aims to redefine old school preconceptions of what off grid living actually means whilst remaining romantically bound to the wilderness cabin of old. The Wild and Seek cabins are built with as many sustainable materials as possible, some of those materials come from the sustainable forests that you can literally see from it's back door. It's eco-tourism with all the trimmings.  


An off grid, weekend getaway with us still means creature comforts like hot showers, enough electricity to charge your phone and your laptop and warm meals cooked in a functioning kitchen. Whether it's sitting at the breakfast bar enjoying a warm mug of coffee watching the wildlife, exploring 650 acres of wilderness, enjoying a crackling fire with a comfortable couch to curl up on or drifting off to sleep on luxurious bedding while still being able to stare at the stars. Our Wild Seekers are able to experience the wild in any comfort level they desire. This gives our wild seekers the best country getaways they could ever dream of.  

 And if you are reading this and think that that all of this global warming business is just babble, We don't blame you. We live in a world full of opposing truths, alternate facts and misinformation. But maybe it isn't. The Earth certainly isn't going to be any worse for us stepping more lightly upon it.